Do you SooFoo?

Are you serious about what you put into your body?  Let’s put taste aside (and I assure you, you don’t need or want to do that) and just look at what you are eating when you eat SooFoo.  Barley, Black, Green & Brown Lentils, Buckwheat, Long Grain Brown Rice, Oats and Rye & Wheat Berries.  Each of these are a powerful health food on their own but together you get the power of 9 health foods in one easy to prepare package.  Check out the stats on a 1lb package.

Look at the stats!

SooFoo works into almost any healthy eating plan.  Need protein, need fiber, need whole grains?  SooFoo is loaded.  Eat natural?  SooFoo is 100% natural.  Not into additives, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors?  Neither is SooFoo.  Need to eat low in sodium, cholesterol or saturated & trans fat?  SooFoo contains none of these things.  SooFoo really is Super Good Food.

Now back to taste, it’s awesome and we’ve got the recipes to prove it!  Then again, SooFoo is great prepared as directed too!

1 question.  Do you SooFoo?

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One thought on “Do you SooFoo?

  1. Mark

    I love SooFoo! Can’t wait to get more!

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