SooFoo30 Challenge Days 2 & 3

Back for more, Thursday was a whirlwind with lots of meetings and projects we needed to work on.  I still ate SooFoo at every meal, unfortunately, I only ate one meal.  Not an eating pattern I would recommend to anyone.  And sorry, by the time I got around to eating, my mind wasn’t thinking about taking photos.

Fortunately, Day 3 (Friday) I was back on track and in a BIG way.  I started my day off right, with a SooFoo scramble–SooFoo, scrambled eggs, havarti cheese, and of course, Tapatio(gotta love the hot stuff!)

Lunch was provided by Matteson, one of the largest food development firms in the country, located right here in the Bay Area.  They work with just about every food and beverage company you can think of.  Knowing we were visiting, they prepared us a Chinese food lunch, with SooFoo as the base instead of white rice.

I was a little unsure how the lentils would taste mixed with some of the Chinese dishes, but once again, the SooFoo did not disappoint.  It really is amazing how versatile this stuff is.

After the meeting, it was time to get on the road and head back to Los Angeles.  Since joining the SooFoo team a couple months ago, I’ve been commuting between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  To be honest, the travel is getting really old, and I’m looking forward to being in San Francisco full-time starting in a couple weeks.  Anyhow, since I was making the drive, I packed a container of SooFoo to eat on the road.  It’s about a seven hour drive so you need something hearty to keep you going.  Not too exciting I guess, but I’ll be taking SooFoo to some more interesting places this weekend, guaranteed.


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One thought on “SooFoo30 Challenge Days 2 & 3

  1. Brian Abel

    Glad to hear the SooFoo worked well with the Chinese food. It gives me hope it’ll be just as good of a rice substitute for some Curry dishes.

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