Moving weekend!

I’ve been putting in some long days at the office and then back to Los Angeles so I could pack up and move to San Francisco so I’ve had to be quick and easy to get SooFoo (or any food) into my diet these past few days.  It’s been quite the whirlwind but I look forward to getting settled in my new digs.

On Thursday we went to check out where SooFoo comes together.  It was a blast!  I’m standing on the left in this picture with some of the SooFoo team.

After all this work, I really just wanted some peanut butter.  But instead of grabbing some Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, I had an idea.  Cold peanut butter SooFoo with milk.  I felt like a kid eating this but it was great!  I should have probably sat on the floor in front of some Saturday morning cartoons.   

As those who have been following this blog regularly know, this is moving weekend, as I head from sunny So-Cal to the sunny Bay Area.

Moving day and not much left in the old place except for some SooFoo.  Unfortunately, since all pots and pans were packed, I had to use the microwave to cook.  Definitely not a suggested cooking method, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

If there’s a time I was going to get sick of this stuff, it’s now!  A few meals of eating SooFoo by itself, with no spices or much to doctor it up with but so far so good.  Fortunately, SooFoo has a good nutty taste naturally, which for whatever reason becomes addicting.  The protein and complex carbohydrates helped power me through all the loading.  We’ll see if I feel the same after eating plain for the next couple meals.

This truck won’t drive itself so it’s time to head onward.  I’ll miss LA but look forward to experiencing all the Bay Area has to offer.


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