SooFoo is open late!

Not that anyone has been hanging on the edge of their seat waiting for my next post,  I do apologize for being off the radar for a few days.  It’s been busy with the move and getting situated in San Francisco but the SooFoo30 Challenge is still in full effect.  After a couple days of eating plain SooFoo…I mean eating it cold out of Rubbermaid containers, the ability to make SooFoo with meals again has been a treat.  My first night officially living in San Francisco, I cooked up a fresh new batch in the handy SooFoo Rice Cooker (the same that we give away frequently to our Facebook Fans!)  Although I already had a serving at dinner earlier, the smell of the fresh stuff was too good not to have a little more.  My girlfriend couldn’t pass it up either.  Honestly, I think we’re both becoming addicted.  So at about 11pm, there we were eating SooFoo in our pj’s.I got up Wednesday morning and decided to go for a run.  Powered by SooFoo from the night before, I was good to go before breakfast.  I love to explore new places and I was excited to find a park on my run in which you can stand and literally have no idea you’re surrounded by a big city.  Being an outdoors guy, I really NEED places like this to escape to every now and then.  With the exception of a glimpse of the Golden Gate in the background, all you see are trees, grass, and sky.  Beautiful!  It inspired me to come back and whip up a SooFoo scramble with eggs, spinach, tomato, hot sauce, and a little yogurt on the side.  This honestly has become my favorite breakfast.  If you don’t buy SooFoo for any other reason, buy it to make with eggs.  I guarantee you’ll love it!

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2 thoughts on “SooFoo is open late!

  1. Courtney

    Using leftover soofoo in a scramble is a great idea! Thanks! I live in SF and the entire city is beautiful if you like to go for a run. Try coming out to run around the mission and noe valley to challenge yourself to hills and beautiful views (Dolores Park.) I regularly buy soofoo at the Noe Valley Whole Foods location and I hope to win a rice cooker on facebook one of these days! 🙂

    I am usually busy and since I live alone, I don’t always have a lot of groceries on hand to make something fancy with soofoo. I usually cook it in a rice cooker with salt, extra virgin olive oil, and a chopped clove of garlic. I throw it all in together and it’s delicious, but the best part is that I do not need to do anything to it after it’s done cooking. All the flavoring happens while it cooks in the rice cooker! I would really love to find new ways of adding flavor to soofoo in the rice cooker so everything happens all in one pot. Can you please have your folks come up with recipes that would accommodate that? For a single person, it would be really nice to put all my ingredients (including a cup of soofoo) into the rice cooker, turn it on and not have to do anything else for a flavorful nutritious meal.

  2. Courtney- Thanks for your comment and excellent feedback! We will definitely look at different rice cooker recipes. We’ve tried beef stock and chicken broth and both keep the trademark SooFoo texture while adding a different flavor. They both taste great right out of the cooker but we’ve added the cooked SooFoo to other things. I’d like to try veggie broth soon too. The chopped clove of garlic was definitely fun as well!

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