Who needs the meat?

Oh what a “Meatless Monday” it was!  After starting the day with my simple strength training program (see next paragraph), I needed some good protein to maximize the benefit.  So rather than my usual SooFoo cereal, I decided to go all out and cook up my best SooFoo meal yet, Juevos RanSooFoo!  Forget the tortillas and go with SooFoo as the base.  Top with a layer of black beans, two over medium eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and hot sauce.  Could have added some cheese, but it really didn’t need it, so why add the fat?  Excellente!!!   (Sorry for the morning hair)

Speaking of protein, I try to make sure I get enough of it to make my at-home strength training worth it.  My strength training equipment includes all of one 45lb barbell (and a pair of stretchy bands for when I travel).  My typical routine includes 50 push-ups, 15-20 bicep curls, 15-20 shoulder presses, 15-20bar pull-ups, and 50 stomach crunches or leg lifts.  I generally do 3 sets total, with the same number of repetitions for each and do them as quickly as possible.  It may not be the best program for building bulging muscle, butsince I’m not planning to try out for the NFL or audition for “The300” sequel, it does the job.  It’s more about feeling and being fit. I try to do these strength exercises at least 2-3 times per week…lately I’ve slipped a bit but I figure loading and unloading a moving truck had to count for something.

My co-workers went out for Asian food at lunch.  It sounded really good, so I ran home, and threw together my own Asian inspired meal that I guarantee topped theirs.  Edamame, Hoisin garlic soy sauce, and SooFoo.   Again, no meat, no worries.  SooFoo has a good amount of protein in and of itself.  Tack on the edamame soy beans, and my meal was loaded with over 20 grams of protein.

After eating big for breakfast and lunch, decided to keep it light for dinner.  Stopped by my local Whole Foods Market for some salad, came home and enhanced with a sprinkling of SooFoo.   Let’s face it, salads aren’t always the most appetizing…especially on a cold winter night, like we had in San Francisco last night.  But knowing that I was going to add the SooFoo, I was excited about my salad.

A much healthier and tastier start to the week.  Now I gotta keep it going!

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