Employee Spotlight: Preston

We continue our Employee Spotlight with this week’s featured employee, Preston!  He’s responsible for all things SooFoo in the northeast!

Preston is an unusual name, so maybe it makes sense that I help manage a company with an unusual name. SooFoo. At first glance I wondered what this product was… was it an Asian noodle mix? Now after about two years of immersion is all that is SooFoo, I know that we represent a healthy, organic American-sourced superfood, which is delicious and exciting. Our premium blend of long-grain brown rice, lentils and grains has become my friend and constant companion, much like a beloved dog.
My passion for SooFoo, and working with all the amazing folks who are the professional food industry here in the East, are complimented by my passion for my fabulous family, based in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut.  With wonderful 2-year old twin girls, each with her own distinct personality, my lovely wife and I lead a full life – up at 6am and to bed at 9pm! In addition my teenager is towering over me and growing his first beard. Keeping up with the family’s busy social schedule is hard enough, but I’m also a nut for fine food, wine and croquet.  If you need anything  preston@soofoo.com is the way to reach me.

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