Employee Spotlight: Caitlin

Born and raised a Southern California girl, I am a proud SooFoo team member as the Field Manager for the Southern Pacific Region. I have always been heavily involved in sports and fitness, playing soccer and studying health science at Boston College.  Although I worked several years as an alcohol sales rep (we all need to do some soul searching before we find our true passion), I am happy to say I am finally doing something that I truly love; working in sales for a healthy and nutritious product that just so  happens to be delicious too!! I currently reside only blocks from the beach with my handsome personal chef/actor fiancé and he too is a SooFoo fanatic!! We are a very active couple who enjoy runs on the beach, climbing the famous Santa Monica stairs, hiking in the Hollywood hills, and  yoga yoga yoga. The  newest addition to our list of activities is planning an outdoor Fall wedding!  Come on SooFoo..I need to get into that wedding dress!!!  Our lives are extremely busy so the best part for us is how easy and versatile SooFoo is. You can make a batch at the start of the week and eat it a hundred different ways so it always stays fresh and new. Our latest favorite is a cold SooFoo and kale salad with dried cranberries, red onion and goat cheese. I even like to crush some cashews for an added crunch. My fiancé enjoys SooFoo in the morning with a splash of milk and brown sugar, a new and improved oatmeal! Although the weather here in So Cal makes getting outside and living a fit life a bit easier than in other areas of the country, Soo-Foo makes eating and cooking healthy easier where ever you live.

Contact Caitlin at caitlin@soofoo.com for all of your so-cal SooFoo needs!

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