Behind the Scenes at SooFoo: Photo Shoot

While our main goal here at SooFoo is to produce the freshest organic rice blends available, we sometimes need also need to show off our hard work.  Last week we had a photo shoot scheduled for our Original SooFoo and some potential upcoming SooFoo products. While we haven’t had a chance to view the results of the photo shoot, here is a little look into what went on behind the scenes:

Which bowls should we use?

We went ahead and tested lots of different bowls.  Different bowls showed off our many different usages of SooFoo so we ended up taking photos with many of these!

Behind the Scenes!

While the photo shoot itself was clean, behind the scenes in the SooFoo test kitchen we left quite the mess.  Lots of props, dishes, cleaners and of course freshly prepared SooFoo!

Putting Parsley on SooFoo!

Here’s one example of us getting SooFoo prepared for shooting.  This is our original SooFoo prepared with only fresh parsley.  Will this bowl make the cut?
We can’t wait to share with you the results of a couple long days in the kitchen and studio and we’re excited about what the future holds.  Until then, check out our new website to order SooFoo and see some of our wonderful new recipes!


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One thought on “Behind the Scenes at SooFoo: Photo Shoot

  1. Donna Yost

    you make taking pictures of food and making them look perfect easy.. I know I never get anything to look that good!

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